Urban Games
and Research

Playful actions for better cities.


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Fields of activities

Our team has more than 15 years experience in these fields.

Game concepts

Games define how people use urban space. One example – Urbingo – urban exploration game for Šnipiškės, Liverpool, Alba Yulia and more. Another – Beast Game for Kaunas 2022 opening. We can do one for your purpose.


Dr. Jekaterina Lavrinec is a professional cultural educator who facilitates practical workshops on urban games, art-based research, and ideation. If you are looking for an expert to give some practical knowledge, contact us.


Our artistic approach to research has gained attention from festival organisers, art exhibition curators and urban planners. They are interactive, eye catching and pure fun. See for yourself.

Conferences and talks

We moderate discussions, round tables, give presentations on those topics: urban studies, urban anthropology, environmental challenges in today's cities. To have a better picture of our expertise, please, go to the page.


Together with partners from Europe, we participated in these projects.