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Fields of activities

Our team has more than 15 years experience in these fields.

Game concepts

Games define how people use urban space. One example – Urbingo – urban exploration game for Šnipiškės, Liverpool, Alba Yulia and more. Another – Beast Game for Kaunas 2022 opening. We can do one for your purpose.


Dr. Jekaterina Lavrinec is a professional cultural educator who facilitates practical workshops on urban games, art-based research, and ideation. If you are looking for an expert to give some practical knowledge, contact us.


Our artistic approach to research has gained attention from festival organisers, art exhibition curators and urban planners. They are interactive, eye catching and pure fun. See for yourself.

Conferences and talks

We moderate discussions, round tables, give presentations on those topics: urban studies, urban anthropology, environmental challenges in today's cities. To have a better picture of our expertise, please, go to the page.


Together with partners from Europe, we participated in these projects.

Come to Yard (Išeik į kiemą)

What: a series of guided tours to open yards (LT: Ekskursijų-pasivaikščiojimų serija „Išeik į kiemą“) Starts: 2023-04-02 Idea: Shared yards are places of collective memory. Even though we grew up in a similar space, the stories and things we like about our years are different. We invite people to open their yards for a small…

Rural Cultural Planning

Project title: RuralCulturalPlanning Duration: 2022-2023 Partners: Three municipalities from 3 different countries: Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania. In Latvia, the chosen territory for the pilot project is located in the city of Ligatne in the region Vidzeme. In Denmark, the chosen municipality is Billund’s Museums of Municipalities (Billund Kommunes Museer). The chosen town in Lithuania will…

Zero hero

Name: Zero Hero (educational game for children ) Date of implementation: 2020 – 2021 Location: Vilnius, Lithuania Challenge/task: „Miesto laboratorija“ (City’s Laboroatory) promotes zero waste movement to visitors of small ages. To make this topic entertaining, and playful, they approached us with a task to come up with the education game, which teaches children to…

I_Improve 2018-21

I_Improve (Innovative, Informal Methodologies for Practical, River-Oriented and Versatile Education) is a cooperative European project co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Vilnius Urban Lab: Co-urbanism 2020

Vilnius Urban Lab brings together urban practitioners, researchers, communities leaders, community artists, and policy makers, for sharing methods and practices in cooperative cultural development of urban spaces. Join Vilnius Urban Lab | Co-urbanism 2020: Facebook event | Program and registration! Find the program below and explore with us how cultural initiatives improve neighbourhoods, how to…

Local stories & urban game: seminar

Call for a practical seminar for the curators of cultural organisations and active residents, which covers creative communication methods, capacity building for cultural organisations by mapping their hidden resources, and testing the games, one of which was developed during “I_Improve” project. Working language: Lithuanian. Mūsų paskutinio seminaro dalyviai klausė, kada galės išbandyti žaidimus gyvai: netrukus!…

Unwelcome guide (Vilnius international theatre festival “Sirenos”)

International Vilnius theatre festival “Sirenos” has launched Vilnius audioguide “Unwelcome” with 8 peculiar stops, among which there is a stop by the “Quay’s Arch” by Vladas Urbanavičius (installed during Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009 and mostly known by its alternative name – a Pipe), which evoked heated discussions about contemporary art in public…

Method Roulette

Method Roulette is a tool for cultural innovations that enable organisations to find out their hidden resources and to create methods for cultural interventions. It helps to define targets, goals, and resources, matching them with the participatory methods.