Woodish – stories of the wooden houses and circular skills (NCM)

Project title: Stories of the Wooden Houses: Circular Skills and Lifestyle Narratives of the Historical Housing Inhabitants in Nordic and Baltic Countries

Project locations:
– Itätulli wooden neighbourhood in the city of Pori, Satakunta region, Finland;
– wooden houses in the city of Trondheim, Trøndelag country, Norway;
– historical part of Šnipiškės district, Vilnius, Lithuania;

Project goal: Collect, systemise and publish data concerning the circular skills of the inhabitants of wooden houses. This will contribute to the positive shift in recognising the value of wooden architecture, its connection to the biodiversity in the cities and lifestyles that keep wooden architecture alive. To strengthen the network of organisations and professionals experienced in working with the wooden heritage.

Working formats:
– Webinars with experts in the field of heritage preservation, research, and communication;
– Interviews with the locals and interviews with the experts;
– Visual ethnography;
– Study visits;
– Exhibition;

Project site: woodish-project.com

Partners: University of Turku, Department of Landscape Studies, Finland (leader); Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; Laboratory for Urban Games and Research NGO “Laimikis.Lt”, Lithuania;

Associate partners:
– Vilnius Gediminas Technological University, Faculty of Creative Industries, Lithuania
– Røros Museum Preservation Center (Norway), https://rorosmuseet.no/en/preservation-centre
– Markučiai manor museum (Lithuania) https://www.markuciudvaras.lt/en
– Satakunta Museum in Pori (Finland), https://satakunnanmuseo.pori.fi/
– Vilnius Museum of Urban Architecture (Lithuania), https://mmam.lt/
– Toivo building heritage house (Finland), https://toivo.pori.fi/

Supported by
: Nordic Council of Ministers
Year: 2024