Next-stop (Kita Stotelė)

Format: A series of recorded interviews with passers-by and street musicians, asking to perform the announcement of their favourite public transport. As in Vilnius the announcements of the stops in the public transport starts from the phrase “Next stop”, it became the title of this project.

Idea: Public transport stops are an essential part of our navigation in the cities. Also, public transport stops are the part of the city image – the conditions for waiting, the titles of the stops, the announcements in the transport. Public transport has distinctive notification sounds and vocals in every city – public transport speaks to you. It contributes to the soundscape of the cities. The sounds connected to the places become a part of our biographies and memories.

Years: While navigating Vilnius streets in 2007-2009, taking photos of strangers and talking to them, our small team met many talented street musicians. In 2010, we included the question about the public transport stops in our small street interviews, asking people to vocalize them. We are grateful to all participants of this spontaneous project and hope to continue to collect your voices:) Since then, some stops have changed their name, the sound of Vilnius public transport has changed, and even places where we met creative passers-by and street musicians changed, so this is a glimpse into Vilnius of 2010-2012:

kita stotelė – Žaliasis tiltas

Martynas, Gintaras and Mantas study history, physical training and economics and listen to different groups (Beirut, Tommy Emmanuel, Coldplay). Still, they perform together at the corner of the Central Post Office in Vilnius, while their usual place is Pilies str.. Continuing a project called “Next stop”, in which we record passers-by announcing their bus stop, we asked this band to sing or tell us the name of their bus stop. Enjoy the song in the audio below the post!

Matas – kita stotelė – Savivaldybės

Arnas ir Domaskita stotelė – Petro Povilo bažnyčia


kita stotelė – Gėlių


kita stotelė – Menų mokykla

Aistė, Giedrius ir Gabrielė

Kita stotelė: Žemynos, Lukiškių, Naujininkų, Ligoninės



Kita stotelė: Vaidilutės

Inga – Kita stotelė: Pramogų arena

Paulius – Kita stotelė: Mykolo Romerio universitetas