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[27 Aug 2012 | 18 komentarai(ų) | ]
Street Komoda | Gatvės Komoda

Street Komoda was launched in Vilnius in the middle of August 2012. Street Komoda is a place for sharing: you can leave items, which you find on the streets and things you would like to share in Komoda. You can take any item you like from the Komoda. You will find it at Gedimino 9, by the stairs/fountains. We hope you will enjoy the findings and treasures inside the Komoda! :)
This urban furniture was designed as a site-specific object, and it perfectly fits into the urban surrounding, becoming a …

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[4 Oct 2010 | 10 komentarai(ų) | ]
NECE: creativity in the city | NECE: kūrybingumas mieste 2010

We have just come back from Trieste, were a conference “Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education” took place. Our creative group presented a case of “Bubble the City” project there. Being inspired by the concepts, presented by urban activists and researchers at the conference, we post a short set of concepts here.
Laimikis buvo pakviestas į NECE konferenciją “Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education”, kurioje pristatėme auditoriją įkvėpuį “Burbuliatoriaus” projektą. Pristatome kelis aktyvistus ir lektorius, su kuriais judame panašia kryptimi, siekdami įžiebti kūrybingumą mūsų miestuose.

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