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Šnipiškės: tools for neighbourhoods regeneration | Šnipiškių kaimynijos gaivinimas

18 November 2013 6 komentarai(-ų)

Autorius: Jekaterina Lavrinec

In 2012 Laimikis.lt team moved to the wooden neighbourhood of Šnipiškės, the area, which faces rapid redevelopment pressure. After a pilote research on the potential of the public spaces in the neighbourhood and the existing social connections, in the end of April 2013 we started series creative initiatives in collaboration with local community and invited artists, and with a help of local administration (eldership). The goal was to start developing local networking and revitalise public space. This list below presents a part of our methodology in regenerating public spaces and encouraging participatory processes.

• Our team studied everyday routes of local residents and visitors and identified the hot-spots for communication spots.
• Our team mapped empty plots of the neighbourhood and explored their usage and their potential to become a public space.
• Together with residents and active local NGO’s we launched a tradition of periodical neighbours’ picnics in May 2013, revitalising one of the underused fields in the neighbourhood and forming the tradition of collective gatherings.
• We explored typical associations, connected to this neighbourhood for to develop a visual identity (which is used for arranging communication platforms and flyers for to intensify inner contacts between residents). We focused on the connection between wooden houses (the idea of neighbouring) and architectural contrast between skyscrapers and wooden architecture as a part of the identity of the place. The visuals were designed in collaboration with Tomas Umbrasas.
We develop communication tools, both offline and online. Several notice-boards were arranged, which serve as a place for playful written interaction and meeting points.
• A facebook group “Šnipiškiečiai” for discussions on improvements of the neighbourhood is launched. Now it is active and is run by the residents themselves.

Street Mosaic Workshop is initiated: it’s an open initiative, and anyone can join it. Ceramic tiles are donated by locals. In a couple of months the initiative turned into a mosaic route, which has already attracted groups of community leaders, urbanists, anthropologists, historians the same summer.

Alternative tours to Šnipiškės are arranged every second week, seeking to promote the neighbourhood and to transform the image of “the closed” criminal neighbourhood into a open and welcoming place.
Street art gallery was launched in Šnipiškės in June 2013. It’s an open-air gallery, dedicated to Lithuanian street art scene, and it’s the very first street art gallery of this kind in Lithuania, which hopefully will bring together street artists from various Lithuanian cities to Šnipiškės. Two street artists have already taken part in it: Darius (Telšiai) & Vytas (Vilnius).
• A multifunctional module urban furniture (“Urban letters: Šnipiškės”), which servers both as alternative playgound, as a tool for  placemaking and as a recognizable place sign. The concept was developed by Laimikis.lt team in collaboration with a designer Tomas Umbrasas.
• This multifunctional set was used as an awareness raising art intervention. It was arranged at Europe square, in the district of skyscrapers, which lays just next to the wooden neighboruhood, by the building of Vilnius municipality.

The documentation of the most of the mentioned activities can be found at Šnipiškiečiai facebook group [photo albums].

These objects and activities were developed as a toolbox of neighborhood revitalisation and formats of community participation. This toolbox is based on Laimikis.lt 6 years experience of working on revitalisation/reanimation of public spaces.

LTNuo 2o12 Laimikis.lt komanda bazuojasi prie pat medinių Šnipiškių ribos. Po pilotinio tyrimo, skirto viešųjų erdvių naudojimui ir socialinių ryšių funkcionavimui, 2o13 m. vėlyvą pavasarį, padedant šnipiškiečiams, startavome su eile veiklų skirtų medinių Šnipiškių gaivinimui.

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  • monika_s sako (said):

    man labai patiko šios jūsų raidės. nors ir didelės, bet jaukios. ar galvojote jas palikti mieste visam laikui?

  • Karol sako (said):

    Hey, I’m glad to meet you at the conference, and I’m glad to learn more about your work from this site! It’s an excellent example of community work and participatory art. Let’s keep in touch.

  • SPEIS sako (said):

    Very sufficient approach. Research + sustainable community initiatives + small architecture + open air events is a very strong combination. I would like to explore your methods. Please write me back.


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  • tomas sako (said):

    Laimiki, palieku savo kontaktą, dėkui už praktines įžvalgas Stokholme! Apsižvalgiau, daug nuveikėte. Palaikome ryšį ;)

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