The Mystery of the Beast

Name: Mystery of the Beast (urban game)

Date of implementation: 2022-02-02

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Challenge/task: As soon as the main event of the opening of Kaunas European Capital of Culture for 2o22 ends, city greats its visitors and citizens. How to connect the opening show with the city as an event?

Solution: The mystery of a special message from the Beast (mascot of Kaunas 2022) was hidden in the streets of Kaunas. The traces (rhombic signs) were spread all over the centre, installed in some of the most unusual places. With the help of the special map, players of the game could decipher the message.

At 20:22 the bells of all Kaunas churches rang and all the participants of “The Confusion” continued their explorations of Kaunas myth, following the symbols marked on the maps in order to decipher the mystery of the Beast of Kaunas and enjoying the numerous concerts and other events throughout the city.

Director – Cris Balwin
Technical assistant – Aistis Lansbergas
Designer – Tadas Bujanauskas

Client: Kaunas Europos Kultūros Sostinė 2022

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