Our team picked this wooden neighbourhood in 2012 for study and placemaking initiatives as a challenge. We were fascinated by its unique, multilayered history and village-like atmosphere. At the same time, it was a neglected area with a strong negative image supported by mass media and a substantial negative impact on the residents. Together with Šnipiškės inhabitants in 2013-2018, we succeeded in creating cultural routes, revitalising public spaces, changing the negative image of the neighbourhood and helping the local community (or rather, a network of mutual help and trust) to grow. Later, we continued advocating for the unique neighbourhood through cultural actions and non-formal education.

We are proud that during our activities in the neighbourhood, we gained the trust of the inhabitants and made new friends. As a team, we are committed to this district and work for it as a cultural foundation – investing in its cultural revitalisation. Check the timeline of the arts-based research, community co-design, and placemaking program developed and implemented in Šnipiškės by the Lamikis team in cooperation with residents, cultural institutions, and universities.

Tools & actions for Šnipiškės: