List of past Exhibitions

2o17 dec/mar
* UABB2017Laimikis Lab is taking part in Bi-City Biennale on Urbanism / Architecture in Shenzhen / Hong Kong. The topic of the Biennale is “Cities Grow in Difference”, and one of the fields is “Urban Villages”. By the invitation of the curatorial team we presented an exhibition “Urban Patchwork”, devoted to the urban contrasts and rich textures of the historic neighbourhood of Šnipiškės, Vilnius.

2o1o may/july
• ENG: Object “Street Blog. Web_0” @ Exhibition “Pharmacy” (Fluxus Ministry, Vilnius)
• LT: Objektas “Gatvės blogas” @ Kolektyvinė paroda “Vaistinė” (Fluxus Ministerija, Vilnius)

2oo9 dec

• ENG: Exhibition “Color Splash! 50 gr. of Joy“, devoted to the pictures, created by our friends and passers-by in the manner of abstract impressionism (Russian art gallery, Bokšto 4, Vilnius).
• LT: Paroda “Color Splash! 50 gr. of Joy“, skirta miesto akcijai, kurios metu praeiviai ir draugai kūrė bendrus paveikslus abstraktaus ekspresionizmo maniera. (Rusų meno galerija, Bokšto 4).

2oo9 oct/nov
• ENG: Interactive installation: “Street Blog. Web 0” at “X Baltic Triennal of International Art 2oo9: Urban Stories” (Vilnius COOP, Gedimino 27);
• LT: Interaktyvi instaliacija “Gatvės Blogas. Web 0” // “X Baltijos tarptautinio meno trienalė 2009: Miesto istorijos” (Vilnius COOP).

2oo9 oct
• ENG: Photo exhibition “Jump-photography: inside and outside. Flâneuse experience” at “Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art in Minsk;
• LT: Kolektyvinė foto paroda “Jump-photography: inside and outside. Flâneuse experience” šiuolaikinėje meno galerijoje “Ў” (Minskas)

2oo8 jan. / feb.
• ENG: Photo series (Vilnius personages) at Mittwoch Vernissage, Berlin;
• LT: Kolektyvinė fotografijos paroda, skirta Street Clash konkursui (Mittwoch Vernissage, Berlynas). Ši paroda – vienas iš miesto meno ir mados festivalio “Wedding Dress #2” [vok.] oficialių renginių.

2oo7 oct. / nov.
• ENG: Photo series (Vilnius personages) at Colette fashion gallery, Paris;
• LT: Gatvės fotografijai skirta kolektyvinė paroda “From the Street to the Night” [pdf].
Taip pat dalyvauja: Amy Arbus, Hans Eijkelboom, Bob Colacello;
The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, Hel-looks, etc.

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