Come to Yard (Išeik į kiemą)

What: a series of guided tours to open yards (LT: Ekskursijų-pasivaikščiojimų serija „Išeik į kiemą“)
Starts: 2023-04-02
Idea: Shared yards are places of collective memory. Even though we grew up in a similar space, the stories and things we like about our years are different.

We invite people to open their yards for a small group of visitors and share stories and speak about the topic they want, e.g. cat stories, birds, people stories, childhood memories, urban gardening, architecture, or planning.

#1 – Yard as a gaming console (by Julius  Narkūnas)

Before the dawn of computer games, yard served as a playground where you could launch many games, such as “Stuku stuku”, “Hali-halo”, “Ali-baba” and so on.

Julius invites you to his yard in Šeškinė district to talk about yard-games in 80s.

More about the event: Facebook. Registration is needed.

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