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Urbingo: Alba Iulia

3 February 2017 u? :)

Autorius: Laimikis.lt


Last version of Urbingo we produced was devoted to Minks, Belarus. Now it is time for cities in Romania :) We have just finished the work on the new edition of Urbingo game, this time for the Lower Town, a beautiful historical district of Alba Iulia! We started on Jan 18, and it took 4 intensive days adjust the original concept, to develop a map and to make 60 cards! This is result of cooperation between Cartierul Creativ Carolina (Romania) and Laimikis.lt (Lithuania) via CitizensLab.


20170121_171325~2~2Cartierul Creativ Carolina brought together architects, urban planners and designers who seek to activate a cultural heritage of the city with rich multilayered history.

Alba Iulia city faces an interesting and challenging task to set new functions for the Citadel’s fortifications. Walking along the wall you may find a cozy restaurant Studio, framm’s cafe where public talks take place, and Cartierul Creativ Carolina (Carol’s Creative Cluster) that arranges exhibitions and other events promoting cultural heritage of the city.

The workshop brought together historians, photographers, architects and artists as well as urban planners and designers. It took two days to collect photo data, to redesign it and to pick up the best options for the game.

This cheerful conspect of the introduction in Laimikis’s arts-based approach was made by Octavia Loiș (ȘEZI).

Lucky cookies with secret messaged were baked by Silvia Duşa, who created amazing bracelets:)


I’ve enjoyed these intensive days with inspiring team and excited to see a final product! Thanks to Cristian Mladin who is a perfect guide and promoter for the city:) Special credits for maps and final cards: Damian Alex, further adaptation of the layout: Ioana Mladin.


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