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Linking things: psyzoo.ru (o1)

17 September 2011 9 komentarai(-ų)

Autorius: Laimikis.lt

“Linking Things” is one of Laimikis.lt projects, dedicated to passers-by and to talented designers. We present young creators and their collections and ask them to pass one or more things from their collection for passers-by. Then we browse Vilnius streets searching for a right person to get a gift from a designer (sometimes it takes only few days and sometimes – several months).

This time we present Ekaterina Zimodro, a fashion designer from Saint Petersburg (Russia), who creates avant-garde hand-made accessories and clothes. She is a creator of psychedelic zoo, and in the next post we are going to present a person from Vilnius, who has got the ring from this collection!

Tęsiame “Keliaujančių daikčiukų” projektą, kuris skirtas jauniems dizaineriams ir jų kolekcijoms, o taip pat praeiviams, kurie gauna dovanų iš pristatytų kolekcijų. Šį kartą pristatome Sankt Peterburge gyvenančią dizainerę Ekateriną Zimodro: ji kuria avangardinius rūbus bei aksesuarus ir yra psichodelinio zoologijos sodo, psyzoo.ru, šeimininkė. Žemiau skelbiame pokalbį su Ekaterina, o kitame įraše pristatysime šios dizainerės sukurtą žvėrį gavusią laimikę.

Laimikis.lt: Five things about your city, St. Petersburg.

Ekaterina (psyzoo.ru): Personally for me the most atmospheric St. Petersburg things are walks
over the roofs, architecture, fantastic old yard-wells, trams and amazing white nights.

– Where your psy-creatures come from to your zoo (i.e sources of inspiration)?

– Music inspires me, and the world around us. All night vigil, strange combinations of usual things and the silence of the night. I love listening to my favourite idm compositions that bring me to meditation
while working. Among them is “An eagle in your mind” by Boards Of Canada, “Closing Brydges” by Wisp, “Digeridoo” by Aphex Twin, “November in battery park” by Digitonal, “Don’t panic” by Modeselektor and many more.

– Being a creator of the zoo, do you name your creatures? Do any stories about these creatures come to your mind while working on your collection? Have you ever thought of making a cartoon with psy-creatures?

– I love to name feelings and sensations associated with my creatures. All my artworks have names and they look like little stories. Psyzoo fans most of all love “Deep Cat Tranquillity”, “Mystical Cat Experience” and “Optic Cat In The Void”. The idea of cartoon film creation has already came to my mind, and I think I’ll make it by myself. I’ve already created an animated website for my psy-creatures, it would be so exciting to try myself in cartoon making too.

– What is the material you work with creating accessories (and the material you would like to start working with)?

– I use polymer clay creating accessories. Polymer clay is a very convenient material to work with. Its tremendous plasticity allows to create improbable things. And I’d like to start working with vinyl, this material also seems so full of opportunities.

– Please comment on the colors you choose for your accessories.

– Creating accessories I pay much attention to color resonance of works and I love experiments. I prefer deep psychedelic colors and unusual color combinations. It is important for me to give a positive energy impulse by chosen color gamma and I also use lots of black color which is one of my favourite.

– What are your favourite book(s), film(s), cartoon(s) and favourite personages?

– Among my favourites are all books by Carlos Castaneda and Helena Roerich, film “The Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky, cartoon “Alice in Wonderland” by Ephraim Pruzhanskij. As for personages I just adore Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll and Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

– What designers/illustrators inspire you?

– Cosmos is the most impressive and inspiring designer for me, just look at this beautiful planet. I am listening to sounds of this world, watching its magnificient colors and getting inspired.

– If you were interviewing Ekaterina Zimodro, what question would you ask?

– I’d ask “What human quality is the most pleasant for you?” And I would answer “Love to the world”.

– Thanks for conversation and a cute gift for Vilnius passer-by! Our readers will find more accessories at online boutique psyzoo.ru!

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  • zhenia sako (said):

    nors autores butikas ilgai kraunasi, po to malonu klaidziot (nors ir ne pirma karta jau) gera muzika ;) man patiko darbai, nors pasirode brangoki.

  • Luka sako (said):

    Kad Rusijoje kitos rankdarbių kainos. Kadaise su drauge pastebėjome, kad per muges sulaukiame kur kas daugiau pirkėjų, nei čia. Tik gaila, kad PayPal sistema padoriai neveikia nei pas mus, nei pas juos. O žvėriukai tai labai patiko, ir apykaklių forma įdomi…

  • zhenia sako (said):

    nu bet pagal etsy standartus, tai normali kaina ;) renkuosi “Mystical Cat Experience”! :))

  • nyan cat sako (said):

    Kawaii creatures desu ;)

    Polymer clay rules, my choice is “Optic Cat In The Void” :)

  • Zebras sako (said):

    Norėčiau ir aš pakeliauti Peterburgo stogais…
    btw, Psyzoo site is soo atmospheric %) Love it!

  • Dov sako (said):

    Su charakteriu ir šarmu :)

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